With the playoffs shifting into gear, it is a perfect time to look at baseball buying opportunities.  With sports cards seeing an overall increase in value, it can seem like it is difficult to find undervalued cards, but they are out there.  One position I have been focusing on in recent weeks is baseball starting pitchers.  This is a group that largely has been overlooked by investors due the position’s injury frequency and the unwillingness to comment high dollars to players who only see the diamond once a week.  While these are legitimate considerations, I believe that as collectors look for economical options in the baseball card market, starting pitcher cards will see a price increase.

In anticipation of this, here are 8 cards to consider buying:

Walker Buehler

Age: 26

Current Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Recommended Card: 2018 Topps Chrome Update #HMT19

Current eBay Buy It Now: $4

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