Number five on the list is Dave Winfield, also standing at 6’6. Dave ended up with 465 home runs and 1,833 RBI’s in his hall of fame career. He played for six different teams and had the distinction of George Steinbrenner, owner of the evil empire (The New York Yankees), hiring a private investigator to try to dig dirt up on him after he refused a trade to the California Angels (as was his right). Once it was exposed what George had done, Winfield came out looking good in most people’s eyes. Given his net worth of approximately ten million dollars, I wouldn’t feel too bad for him anyways. My favorite card of his is the 1975 Topps card that pictures him while he was with the San Diego Padres. He appears to be in the on deck circle after taking a practice swing. You can clearly make out his hat and the number 31 on his uniform. The background, in my opinion, is a bit dull, but at least the picture of him itself is pretty clear. This particular card would be hard to get a high grade on due to the colors surrounding it, also known as the border, that tend to get dinged up easily. If you have any old cards from the 1970’s sitting around, it might be worth going through. Maybe you will get lucky and find this card in mint condition and make it all worthwhile ($$$$$, if you catch my drift). 

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