Number six is Aaron Judge, standing at 6’7. He plays for the New York Yankees and is a home run hitting, RBI driving-in MACHINE. He has the distinction of wearing number 99, one of the highest numbers worn in baseball. Before each game, he has a ritual of going behind home plate and throwing out exactly 40 sunflower seeds and recites a prayer after the seeds are tossed. What is said in the prayer itself is unknown to the public. He has hit the hardest ball ever recorded in major league baseball history at 121.1 miles per hour. If you are a sports car owner or enthusiast, you might just know how fast that is as you have probably driven at that speed. I have no idea what that would feel like because I always obey the law. My favorite card of his is as follows and I quote, the 2019 Topps Retro Insert card that is designed after a 1984 Topps style card. It is clear and concise. The lower left corner displays his headshot where he is wearing his Yankees hat. The picture itself shows him swinging his bat and hitting the ball to centerfield or possibly hitting a home run. He is dressed in the famous New York Yankees pinstripes. 

Leok Van Mill, standing at 7’11. No words needed. 

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