The last pick is a little known third baseman who played slow pitch softball in northeast Indiana in the 1970’s. He also happens to hold the all time wiffle ball home run record in his backyard. His name is Joel John. Although he was only 6’2, he played like he was 7’0 tall. I have heard that he could hit the ball higher and longer than anyone had ever seen. He was also a great defensive third baseman. People started to call him “Brooks” after Brooks Robinson with the Baltimore Orioles, also known as “The Vacuum”. He sucked everything up that came his way. I have stayed in touch with him over the years, and was sad to hear that he had become quite ill a few years ago. He has since made a full recovery after a long stay in the hospital and three months at home recovering. Through the help of God and Dr. Man, he is alive and well today. I had a heart to heart with him recently, and asked him if he was afraid that he would die. He looked at me and said he wasn’t, because he know he would either fully recover or go to heaven. However, he did ask me to tell people that if they died tomorrow, they should know where they would go; if they weren’t sure, they needed to make it right with God. 

That concludes my picks for “Giants of the Game”. Now, turn off your TV, put down your phone, grab one of your kids (if not all of them), and try to make your own “All tall team” of baseball cards.

Joel Frankle has been employed with Arby’s Roast Beef since 1984 and now owns and operates his own store with his wife, Jennifer. He and his wife have been married for 36 years and have four daughters together. He is known to love all things UFO’s, Bigfoot, and conspiracy theories. Joel is a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan. Go Cubbies!

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