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As a follow up to my last article, here are seven additional players worth monitoring during the upcoming college football season.  

Trading cards depicting players in their college uniforms have been around since the beginning of the hobby.  One of my favorite cards in this category is the 1955 Topps All-American of Red Grange during his days as a quarterback at the University of Illinois.  Historically, early cards showing players in their professional uniforms are more desirable than those presenting college garb.  However, with Fanatics acquiring Topps, there could be more hobby attention on the college game.  For the past two years, Fanatics has released a Bowman college football product.

Bowman’s popularity with baseball collectors coupled with college football’s enthusiastic fan base makes keeping an eye on Bowman University Football worthwhile. Below are some of the players I am looking forward to watching as college football kicks off next month.

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